NWEA Testing Overview


Normative Data: Norm-referenced tests compare a student's achievement with students in a norm group. After a test is created, it is administered to a large, diverse group of children which makes up the norm group. The children's scores are ranked from low to high performance. The scores are then statistically manipulated to form a normal distribution. If a child scores at the 65th percentile, for example, it would mean that the child performed better than 65 percent of the children in the norm group. Normative studies frequently provide data stratified by age, grade level, gender, and/or ethnicity where such factors have been shown by research to affect performance. This allows for a student's performance to be compared to a suitable control group and provide a fair assessment of their current cognitive functioning.

Link to 2011 Status Norms: 2011 Status Norms

Parent Toolkit: This Parent Toolkit was created by NWEA as a resource and guide for parents. It includes Frequently Asked Question, Tips for Parents, Web Sites for Kids and Parents, and Commonly Used Terms.

Link to NWEA Parent Toolkit: Parent Toolkit

An Individual Student Progress Report is available for all students. If you would like one, please contact your school office.

Link to Sample Individual Student Progress Report: Sample Student Progress Report

NWEA has completed a project to connect the scale of the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) with NWEA's RIT scale. Information from the state assessment was used in a study to establish performance-level scores on the RIT scale that would indicate a good chance of success on these tests.

Link to NWEA Alignment to Michigan MEAP: 2012 Michigan Linking Study

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